Python-SDK is a Python library for interacting with NFT.Kred APIs. NFT.Kred is a hybrid centralized/decentralized platform. The API provides a single, easy-to-use method to integrate applications with all the functionality of NFT.Kred and help with sending transactions, minting NFTs, creating bundles, marketplace, and a variety of other use cases.

The original API was derived from the NFT.Kred official APIs, but has since evolved toward the needs and creature comforts of Python developers.

Getting Started

You can decide what you want to do with the Python-SDK but here are some quick-links from where you can start.


  • Python 3.6+
  • Works on Linux, Windows, macOS, BSD


Install from source

  • create a virtual environment
  • execute python install: python install


Test Examples directory has all the example implementations for the API and can be executed by running i.e. python



Checkout Python Documentation Here