Customizable NFTs Marketplaces

NFT.Kred is a decentralized Whitelabel NFTs buying and selling platform where creators across the world list their NFTs. With the help of the NFT.Kred application, you will be able to build your own Whitelabel NFT platform and engage your community in your own branded NFTs experience.

NFT.Kred offers users the ability to have their own customized marketplaces. Once configured, the tokens in the marketplace can be interacted with via the API - documentation for API calls relevant to the marketplace start at . Standard Marketplace functions are as follows:


Sales and Auctions

Listing an NFT for sale is simple: Just follow the simple guide to selling NFTs and your NFT will immediately be listed in the marketplace, and a message will be sent notifying users that the NFT is for sale. There are 3 ways to sell an NFT which you may have a look at below.

  1. How to sell an NFTs
  2. How to auction an NFTs
  3. How to sell an NFTs on OpenSea

Sell an NFT

This is a standard sale, where you can set a price at which your NFT is listed and others can pay to purchase it. It's a ‘Fixed price’ sell that allows you to set a price and sell to someone instantly. Read our step-by-step guide on “How to Sell an NFT” for more details.


Auction an NFT

Auctioning an NFT is slightly more involved. The default auction process is a reverse auction, It's a ‘Unlimited Auction’ that will allow people to carry on making bids until you accept one., also known as a Dutch auction. You specify a starting price and a minimum price, and the price ticks down every second until a buyer takes the offer or the auction expires. Read our step-by-step guide on “How to Auction an NFT” for more details.


Sell an NFT on OpenSea

OpenSea is one of the largest public marketplaces for NFTs. Selecting this option will guide you through the process of listing your NFTs for sale on OpenSea. To sell your NFTs on OpenSea it must be held in a wallet linked to a transportable wallet client (for example, Metamask). Once you have your wallet ready, continue with the following step-by-step guide on “How to Sell an NFT on OpenSea” for more details.