What is NFT.Kred?

NFT.Kred is a platform leveraging blockchain technology to create 100% whitelabel NFT Experiences for Brands. We help you create on-brand NFT activations to increase engagement and foster community. NFT.Kred allows your audience to collect, purchase and trade NFTs in an accessible and familiar way. The NFT.Kred platform allows for simple onboarding with the creation of semi-custodial wallets where fans sign up via email, phone, Google, Twitter, or their favorite wallet app. Sell tokens from your NFT collection using credit cards or cross-chain crypto seamlessly! We offer broad payment options, non-custodial wallet creation, KYC & fraud detection, complete credit card chargeback coverage, and custom webhook calls.

NFT.Kred connects social interaction with the blockchain, providing a personalized, shareable, transferable token of appreciation. NFTs can be given personal meaning for your family, friends, and community, and become unique and valuable virtual goods in their own right.

Every NFT.Kred NFT tracks activity throughout its lifetime, threading together a disparate community with a common goal of enhancing social interaction and connectedness. Everyone an NFT touches becomes part of a new and unique thread.

Each NFT.Kred user has a collection in the application where they can sort and display their treasured interactions, moments, and memories.