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How to Design your own Apps

Build your own Apps with Ethereum and POA support.

The Team that built the NFT.Kred application in 122 hours with the NFT.Kred API:

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Widget Library

Embed actionable NFT.Kred widgets into your sites and applications, including a user's:

  1. Collection
  2. Marketplace
  3. Newsfeed
  4. Most Circulated NFTs Leaderboard

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Kred NFTs are both Dual-Protocol and Dual-Ledger

Kred NFTs are a new class of digital asset, based on the ERC721 protocol and supported by both the Ethereum and POA Networks.
Their value is a function of:

  1. Social value - Comments, Likes and Connections
  2. Media value - NFT name and front and back media
  3. Redeemable value - attach real-world or digital assets to your NFTs.

Developers using the NFT.Kred API can choose to record their transactions on the POA network, the Ethereum mainnet, or any Ethereum-compatible blockchain, including private blockchains.


Kred Domain Tokens

Kred Domain Tokens are an ERC721 compliant Ethereum token that acts as a key to unlock DNS and ENS management of the associated domain name, from ENS Domains and NFT.Kred. They are tradable, and automaticalley synched from ENS to DNS


A SocialOS API

The NFT.Kred Developer API is part of the institutional SocialOS platform for developing deep social applications - See the SocialOS Docs