Welcome to the NFT.Kred APIs

NFT.Kred provides a comprehensive platform for developing and deploying non-fungible tokens on the blockchain, with a minimum of fuss and extraneous development effort, backed by Ethereum and non-Ethereum blockchains. NFT.Kred's helps individuals, influencers, brands, and enterprises engage their communities with Non-Fungible Tokens carrying their messaging and call to action.

Integrate NFTs into your application to rapidly design, mint, and distribute your own tokenized digital assets with engaging social actions, simple distribution, and detailed reporting or configure your own Whitelabel NFT Hub for a completely branded NFT experience.

Get Started with NFT.Kred

If you're new to NFT.Kred, the first step is to register with NFT.Kred application. Once you registered, you will be able to use the application to design, create and distribute your NFTs, use them in your marketing campaigns, trade and share NFTs, and also build your White Label NFT marketplace. Start your journey by creating an account with us at NFT.Kred now and learn more about NFT.Kred application.

  1. Design, edit and Mint your NFTs
  2. Group several batches of NFTs in form of Bundles
  3. Create your own customized marketplaces and sell your NFTs
  4. Add tags against an NFTs, to help others to find mutual NFTs
  5. Send, request, and trade NFTs with anyone, anywhere

Get Started with NFT.Kred

Create Your Own Marketplace

Build your own App with Ethereum and non-Ethereum blockchain and platform expertise to take you where you want to go. NFT.Kred application is a ready-to-use online marketplace solution for every business Industry. Make the best use of the predefined features and go live quickly and start your own White Label NFT Hub with our advanced NFT.Kred application. Join us and learn more about NFT.Kred application.

  1. Customizable NFTs Marketplaces
  2. White labeling your NFTs marketplace
  3. Multiple Wallets support
  4. Royalty on Secondary sales
  5. Ethereum and non-Ethereum blockchain support

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Integrate our NFT.Kred platform into your applications

Build and launch your marketplace within no time. NFT.Kred is a ready-to-use online marketplace defined for every business Industry. The NFT.Kred APIs provides an easy way to programmatically interact with your application and help you to design, create and distribute NFTs using predefined methods. Following API features are supported by the APIs.

  1. Design and Create NFTs
  2. Create Bundles
  3. Perform Social Actions
  4. Sharing NFTs
  5. Buying and Selling NFTs
  6. Marketing
  7. Reporting

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Activate your own Whitelabel NFT Platform

Build your own Whitelabel NFT platform and engage your community in your own branded NFTs experience rather than minting NFTs into the existing systems. NFT.Kred is one such application where you can set up your own Whitelabel NFT Hub and offers users the ability to have their customized marketplaces with your branding.

  1. Mint your own NFTs quickly using Templates
  2. Give your users their customized marketplace
  3. Showcase your collection
  4. Distribute NFTs through giveaways and bundles
  5. Fully functional NFTs marketplace with easy customer onboarding
  6. Social networking tied to the NFTs for audience engagement

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How it Works!

Create NFTs with Templates

Rapidly developed for your specific use case, allowing users to choose from a pool of existing Templates, that can be applied on top of the core NFTs.

Mint NFTs

At scale in your NFTs Hub or your own app. Mint and embed digitized content on an NFTs token, such as art, text, videos, photos, songs or lines of code.

Distribute NFTs

Share in the way that works for your users. Share NFTs to your clients or mass audiences, create unique experiences for consumers and much more