NFT.Kred Products

No Code - NFT Experiences

Visit to see our no code whitelabel platform. Create your own NFT Experience or marketplace in an afternoon with our easily configurable control panel.


Embed Your NFT Marketplace in Any Experience.

Match your brand, website, and app design with easily stylable widgets. No custom-CSS required.

No new domain registrations. No subdomains. No need to touch DNS. Just embed a simple code snippet.

Allow your community to interact with your NFTs anywhere you are. HTML and JavaScript snippets that work on any platform including Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, HubSpot, Joomla and more!

Lite APIs

Use NFT.Kred Lite APIs to get started quickly and integrate key web3 APIs into your application.

It provides methods to:

  • Get Smart Contract Info
  • Mint NFTs
  • Get NFT Info
  • Get Info from Multiple NFTs
  • Send a NFT to another wallet
  • Get Owner Details
  • Get contents of a wallet

Full APIs

NFT.Kred is a hybrid decentralized platform. The API provides a single, easy-to-use method to integrate applications with all the functionality of NFT.Kred.

It provides methods to:

  • Send and receive NFTs
  • Request an NFTs from another user
  • Like and comment on NFTs
  • Sell or auction collectible NFTs (normal or reverse auctions)
  • Design and mint your own custom NFTs
  • Track the history of payments, payloads, sales, and auctions