Minting an NFT

Mint an NFTs using Nft.Kred Application

This guide will take you through what NFTs are, what types exist, and how to mint on a marketplace. The first thing to do before learning how to mint an NFT is to identify the unique digital asset that you wish to tokenize. You can use it as a meme, GIF, painting, or any digital asset. Please follow the below guide to mint an NFT.

Step 1: Login and access the NFT.Kred website and click on the “New” button in the upper right corner. Click "New NFT"

Step 2: You would find a prompt asking you to select the type of token you want to create, You can use any of the existing templates to create your NFT which suits you best.

Step 3: On this page, you will be asked to select the file type you are wanting to upload. The first thing to do before minting an NFT is to identify the unique digital asset that you wish to tokenize. A preview of your uploaded media will appear within the box to the right of the upload window. This window asks for the front and back sides of the images for your NFT.

Users can also save the design of the NFT and may use it later to mint the NFT.

Step 4: Input the name of your NFT into the section called "Name" top of the popup * This is a required field and also add the other information such as description, offers, categories, tags, etc.

You can also choose the resale royalty you would like to receive from all secondary sales of this NFT. Fill in any kind of information that you want to explain or add to your NFT and click continue.

Step 5: Choose your Wallet and quantity of the NFT. Your wallet will hold the NFTs and store your private key which is needed to authorize transactions.

Step 6: Review all information before creating the NFT and click on the Create button to mint an NFT. Once you submit for minting your transaction will be sent onto the blockchain and it will take some minutes to mint. All you need to do is sit back and wait while our protocol mints your NFT onto the blockchain.

Step 7: Congratulations! You have successfully created an NFT and will appear on the NFT.Kred homepage and your profile. You can choose to sell at an auction or fixed price and share it with your users.

Selling an NFT

Once you've minted your NFT, the next step is to sell it to your audience. NFT.Kred application makes this process considerably easy, allowing you to alter the pricing, set royalties, and even create auctions. Please follow the below steps to sell any NFT on the platform.

Step 1: Login and access the NFT.Kred website and click on any “NFT” which you want to sell, It will open the NFT details page. You will be presented with the option "Sell" to list it for sale on the marketplace.

Step 2: Click on the "Sell" button, It will open the popup and follow the prompts. Here you'll be able to provide some details on the transaction such as the price and Stripe Account details and click on the "Confirm" button.

You can choose to sell NFTs for a real-world currency via Stripe for a cryptocurrency. You may follow our guide to know more about "how to set up Stripe Account with NFT.Kred application".

Tagging and Searching

NFT.Kred application is used for collecting, browsing and organizing NFTs and provides a broad set of features for tagging, sorting, searching, and grouping NFTs. NFTs are tagged automatically on creation with details such as their name, type, symbol, and channel. Users can also specify their own tags against an NFT, to help others to find mutual interests.

Create a Tag on NFT

Tags are recognized as the popular way to get exposure and can be added to any NFTs. Tagging NFTs will get your content seen by more people on the platform and different types of tags will get you maximum exposure. You can add the NFT tag by following the below guide.

1: Login and access the NFT.Kred website and click on any NFT, it will open the NFT details page.
2: Click on the "Category and Tags" section and start typing on the "More Tags" field. Type any word or combination of words and continue once you are finished adding tags.

Group Tagging

NFTs can also be grouped by audience and topic. These can be pre-defined or user-defined as needed. Audience and topic are defined as special tags and can be filtered alongside any other tags.

Requesting and Sharing

NFT.Kred makes NFTs social, with simple giving and receiving and allows people to show their interest and Request NFTs from others.

1. Give an NFT to someone

NFT.Kred supports multiple methods of giving NFTs. The owner can give their NFT in two ways.

A. Using Global Give Button
B. Using Generating a Giveaway Link from the NFT

1 - A. Using Global Give Button

Step 1: Visit the Profile of the NFT you wish to give and click the "Give" button.

Step 2: The Give panel will popup and help you give NFT you have selected. To give multiple different NFTs to someone in the same transaction, use the arrows on the Give panel to toggle through your other NFTs and click "Select" to add the others you would like to send.

Step 3: Start typing in the "Give to" field to give an NFT to someone. The Give panel displays various options, including:

  • Name - Search for the name of a contact (someone you have interacted with on the platform)
  • Email - Sends an email to the specified email address asking them to accept the NFT you sent.
  • Phone - Sends an SMS to the specified phone number asking them to accept the NFT you sent.
  • Ticker - Search for a Ticker from Empire.Kred. Include (e) before the Ticker to avoid choosing the wrong recipient.
  • Username - Send directly to another user by entering their username.

1 - B. Using Generating a Giveaway Link from the NFT

Giveaway Links are unique links that allow anyone with access to claim the associated NFTs.

  • When creating a Giveaway Link, you may optionally set an expiry, after which the link is no longer active.
  • In the case where you have multiple NFTs in a Batch, the Giveaway link will provide 1 NFT from the Batch to each unique user that uses the link.

2. Receive an NFT from someone

In most cases, you will be able to receive the NFT in your wallet but there may be rare instances where the trading volume is too high for the marketplace and it may take some time to transfer the NFTs.

Step 1: Sender will give you the NFT via a Giveaway Link.
Step 2: You will receive the Giveaway Link.
Step 3: Accept by clicking on the link.
Step 4: Either signing into your existing account or creating a new account
Step 5: NFT will be delivered to your account automatically

Once an NFT has been received, you will see it in "My Wallet".

3. Request an NFT

NFT.Kred allows people to show their interest and Request NFTs from others. Clicking the "Request" button on an NFT lets the owner of that token know that you are interested in owning it. While requesting an NFT, you have the option to add a message to the owner.

  • A notification email is sent to the NFT owner (including your message if you added one), inviting them to accept your request and give you the NFT
  • A notification is displayed in the pending requests list on the Newsfeed, giving the NFT owner the ability to:
    a. Delete and ignore the request
    b. List the NFT for sale (which sends a notification email to those who have requested the NFT, letting them know it is now available for purchase)
    c. Approve the request and give the NFT to the requestor
  • A summary of Requests is listed on the profile of the NFT, allowing the NFT owner to easily see all of the people who have requested this token.