Common Use Cases

Here are a table of common use cases of NFT.Kred's APIs and our best recommendation for which product to use. Feel free to use this list as inspiration to help you get started!

Use CaseSolution
If you are new to NFT.Kred and looking to get your feet wet by experimenting with NFTs. We can create branded NFT experiences for your customers or employees. Maintain the relationship with your community, in an NFT experience consistent with what they expect from your brand.No Code
If you have an existing website or marketplace, our widgets will match your brand and app design with easily stylable widgets. No custom-CSS required. HTML and JavaScript snippets that work on any platform including Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, HubSpot, or Joomla.Widgets
If you have a small dev team, our Lite APIs can help you accomplish very specific tasks or projects related to NFTs.Lite APIs
If you have a large dev team, our Full APIs can help you create a fully customized and branded NFT experience.Full APIs