Why use NFT.Kred?

We help Brands generate engage and foster community by creating unique experiences with NFTs.

Battle-tested since 2018

We've minted and distributed over 20 million NFTs for brands since 2018. We have high velocity minting and distribution at unrivaled scale.

Multichain Support

Multi-Chain support facilitates PoS minting with less environmental impact than a Tweet.

Mainstream Onboarding

No wallet? No worries. Fans Sign Up in 1 Click.

Fans new to NFTs can get started with an email address, Twitter, Google or your existing authentication. NFT-savvy Fans can connect with MetaMask or their favorite wallet app.

Simple NFT Delivery

The Easiest way to share NFTs online or in-person, by social, email, SMS or scannable QR codes.

At an annual technology event for senior executives, PwC helped over 50 CEOs claim their first NFTs through interactive demonstrations and activities.

Familiar Payment Methods

Choose the right payment processor for your Community to meet Fans where they are.

Let your Fans pay the way they're used to, with support for consumer-friendly payments with ETH, credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and more.

Redeemable NFTs

Create surprise & delight moments with Redeemable NFTs.

Allow your Community to redeem NFTs to access an event, an offer, a download and more.

In their first ever NFT campaign, iconic fashion brand, Coach celebrated the Holidays by giving away 80 free NFTs featuring mascots from their Ski collection. They later revealed to the recipients that each NFT was redeemable for a made to order Rogue handbag.

Brand Authenticity

Maintain the relationship with your community, in an NFT experience consistent with what they expect from your Brand.

Live Event Activations

NFT.Kred helps Live Events build strong fan communities that last long after the event. We help live event producers leverage NFT technology to engage attendees.