Kred NFT API | Drive Engagement in your app with Actionable NFTs

Drive Engagement in your app with Actionable NFTs

The Kred NFT API

Kred's helps individuals, influencers, brands and enterprise engage their communities with Non-Fungible Tokens carrying their messaging and call to action.
Integrate Kred NFTs into your application to rapidly design, mint and distribute your own tokenized digital assets with engaging social actions, simple distribution and detailed reporting.

NFT.Kred is part of the Kred Developer Ecosystem, including Kred Scores, Kred Domains and SocialOS.

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Bundles are an advanced marketing tool for arranging NFTs and delivering them to subscribers.

A bundle can, digitally deliver promotional material, NFTs that have values in themselves, tokens for online games, and tokens redeemable for physical goods and services.

The bundle API tracks claims, distribution, and redemption of NFTs in real time.

Bundles are created using the /bundle/create method, which takes the name and expected maximum number of subscribers. Both can be updated later using /bundle/update. Your bundles can be listed with /bundle/bundles.

The key details of each bundle are the lines. Each line in a bundle allocates NFTs from one or more batches for distribution to subscribers. Lines are maintained using /bundle/line for both adding and updating lines.

Each line specifies a list of batches that the system will deliver to subscribers.

A line can deliver NFTs sequentially from the specified batches, moving on to the next batch once the prior one is fully delivered; randomly, choosing at random a batch from the list that has NFTs still available; or by chance, specifying the odds (e.g. 20 for a 1 in 20 chance) if a particularly valuable token is to only be delivered to a subset of subscribers.

Each bundle has a set of codes, that can either be shared or unique. Shared codes can be claimed as many times as desired and can be; unique codes can be claimed only once.

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