Kred NFT API | Drive Engagement in your app with Actionable NFTs

Drive Engagement in your app with Actionable NFTs

The Kred NFT API

Kred's helps individuals, influencers, brands and enterprise engage their communities with Non-Fungible Tokens carrying their messaging and call to action.
Integrate Kred NFTs into your application to rapidly design, mint and distribute your own tokenized digital assets with engaging social actions, simple distribution and detailed reporting.

NFT.Kred is part of the Kred Developer Ecosystem, including Kred Scores, Kred Domains and SocialOS.

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Requesting and Sharing

Having designed and created a batch, we can retrieve the individual NFT details using /nft/nfts.

Batch edit

We can give an NFT from this screen, either directly to an on-platform or Ethereum user using /nft/send or to any user via Email, SMS, or Twitter using /hold.

/nft/hold uses a two-step processes, reserving the NFT, creating a secure code, and notifying the recipient via the designated method. The recipient can then log in to the app, which will use the /nft/collect method to accept the sent NFT.

NFT popup


You can generate a public giveaway URL /nft/giveaway or a code for use requests /nft/request.

When a user signs in, if they have previously verified their Email, SMS, or Twitter address, any NFTs held for the respective address will automatically be delivered. A manual call to /nft/collect is only needed if you want to refresh NFTs between logins, or to submit a specific code.

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Requesting and Sharing

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