Designing and Creating

The NFT.Kred API provides a complete suite of methods to design, mint, and deliver your NFTs. In this section, we examine the NFT.Kred app and the API calls it uses to deliver this functionality.

From the NFT.Kred menu, users easily start designing, creating and empowering their unique digital arts into an amazing NFTs.



Create an NFT.Kred account

If you're new to NFT.Kred, the first step is to register with NFT.Kred application. Once you have registered, you will be able to use the application to design, create and distribute your NFTs. You can use them in your marketing campaigns, trade and share NFTs, and return all the data collected to your own application.

Start your journey by creating an account with us and learning more about NFT.Kred application. Read our step-by-step guide on “How to create an NFT.Kred account” for more details or use our registers API to implement into your own White Label NFT Hub.

Signup PageSignup Page

Signup Page

Connect your wallet

To get started, you will first need to connect with a wallet to the NFTs marketplace. This wallet allows you to easily store your cryptocurrency and allow access to see all your NFTs in one convenient place. Remember that wallets don’t hold cryptocurrency or NFTs — they store your private key which is needed to authorize transactions. The wallet should be very secure and capable of handling several cryptocurrencies.

By default, NFT.Kred uses “Kred Wallet” to buy, sell, trade, or transfer the NFT but you can also use other wallets such as “Dapper”, “MetaMask”, “Coinbase” and Stripe. Read our step-by-step guide on “How to connect a wallet” for more details.

Wallets PageWallets Page

Wallets Page

Minting your first NFT

Each marketplace has a unique procedure for minting NFTs. In NFT.Kred application, you'll learn how to easily create your own NFTs without doing any software development. It is quite easy process, with just a few steps one needs to take. The following "How to Mint an NFT" guide is explaining how the process works or use our mint API to implement into your own White Label NFT Hub.

  1. Login on NFT.Kred application and click on "New NFT"
  2. Choose type of NFT using existing templates such as song, ticket, image etc
  3. Upload media that you want to convert into an NFT with other details
  4. Provide mandatory information like Wallet and quantity of the NFT
  5. You've successfully minted your first NFT

Create NFTCreate NFT

Create NFT

And that's it! Congratulations, You've successfully minted your first NFT on the blockchain and you can view it in your wallet - minting time can vary based on the congestion of the network. There's still so much to cover! We've seen how to create NFT.Kred account, how to connect wallets, how to mint NFTs. We will also see how NFT.Kred transactions support Ethereum and non-Ethereum blockchain and will cover in another article in detail.