How to transfer NFT to another wallet

Take your NFTs anywhere by adding your Hub Wallet to your favourite wallet app.

NFTs are hosted on a decentralized blockchain and in order to transfer NFT from one address to another, its ownership needs to be updated across the nodes. Using NFT.Kred API, transferring a token to another address is super simple, you just need to make an API call that will transfer your NFTs to another wallet.

Transfer NFT

/nft/send API is used to transfer NFT to the other wallet address of the user. This API uses lots of parameters to send an NFT to someone but out of which NFT and wallet is a required fields.

  • token - The API Authentication token
  • nft - The numeric ID of the NFT.
  • uuid - The UUID of the NFT.
  • symbol - The symbol of the NFT batch.
  • sequence - The sequence of the NFT within the batch.
  • request - The number of the request being fulfilled.
  • wallet - The address or ID of the wallet.
  • text - An optional text message
curl \ 
 --request POST ' nft to the other wallet' \
 --header 'Accept: application/json'
import requests

url = " nft to the other wallet"

headers = {
  'Accept': 'application/json'

response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)


Sample Response

    "base": "",
    "login": {
    "loginapp": "account",
    "meta": {
    "nft": {
        "address": "0x3e90Bc4b1883c916Bb8E7AF1dEDCce36A2c1Fc2d",
        "batch": 117209,
        "blockchain": "polygon",
        "channel": "",
        "circulation": 1,
        "claimable": null,
        "comments": 3,
        "contract": "0x3722991672f2cC11a3422c1A652D878aE7F95d0E",
        "created": "2021-10-12T08:25:57.000000",
        "currency": 1,
        "grab": "61654694d2bfa8fd7da33ce9",
        "group": null,
        "history": 1779406,
        "last_sale": null,
        "likes": 0,
        "locked": 0,
        "nft": 1118933,
        "payload": "null",
        "popularity": 0,
        "private": 0,
        "process_platform": null,
        "process_start": null,
        "process_status": "ready",
        "process_tx": null,
        "redeemed": null,
        "release": null,
        "sequence": 2,
        "show": 1,
        "showcase": null,
        "tags": [
        "token_id": null,
        "trending": 0,
        "updated": "2021-10-29T11:36:31.000000",
        "uuid": "C6CVPEJKPYDQS66E4WNC5COGZL5X",
        "value": 1e-7,
        "variant": null,
        "wallet": 47888,
        "wrapper": null