How to sell an NFTs

Sell an NFT using an application

Did you try to sell NFTs using the application? You can check out this guide to sell an NFT using our no-code.

Sell an NFTs using API's

The process of selling an NFT with NFT.Kred using the API takes on the same approach as selling it using our no-code application. We have an API /nft/sell which we can use to sell an NFTs using API.

curl --request POST \
     --url '' \
     --header 'Accept: application/json' \
     --header 'Authorization: Basic am9obndvb2R5OTg1MkBnbWFpbC5jb206QWRtaW5AMTI=='

Sell an NFTs using Python SDK

Selling an NFT using Python-SDK is simple. This Python SDK bridges the gap between your applications and NFT.Kred APIs. Full-scale NFT solutions can be built in hours - instead of months. You can use NFT.Kred functionality via this python package and interact with the NFT.Kred APIs directly in your app.

Installation & Usage
We have created a tutorial on how you can install the Python SDK on your machine. Read our step-by-step guide on “How to install Python SDK” for more details. After importing the python SDK on the python file, please follow the below steps to sell an NFT using Python SDK.

Step 1: Import SDK Files
Create a python file and import the below necessary library files by adding the following code.

from kred import services
from kred import models

Step 2: Define sell API method on your python file
Now we need to create a method that will call the "Sell an NFT" functionality on your code. Right now, we want to sell an NFT on NFT under Marketplace so we will use a "sell" method. we can check which method we should use by following the available examples related to the SocialActions, please have a look at the Example References documentation section, where all the available examples are given. You can copy those methods in your file and build your app.

def sell(token, nft=None, uuid=None, symbol=None, sequence=None, price=None):
    """Sell an NFT.

    # service class
    service = services.BuyingSellingClient(token)

    # parameters
    model = models.BuyingSellingModels()
    model.nft = nft # The ID of the NFT
    model.uuid = uuid # The UUID of the NFT 
    model.symbol = symbol # The symbol of the NFT batch.
    model.sequence = sequence # The sequence of the NFT within the batch.
    price = price # Price value

    # Service API calling
    response = service.sell(model, price)

Step 3: Call your Defined method to post a sell an NFTs
From the above step, we have created a python file and defined a "sell" method to sell an NFT. Now we will call that method and pass the required parameter. We may have a look at the required parameter list by following this post API endpoint.

# Define your token here
token = "token value"

# Call define method with values
sell(token, nft, uuid, symbol, sequence, price)

That's it, now, your NFT is listed for sale in the marketplace. Your NFT will immediately be listed in /nft/sales and /nft/marketplace, and a message will be sent notifying users that the NFT is for sale. (The notification is automatic, but a separate message can be sent with /nft/post if desired. You can also offer NFTs for trade using /nft/trade.

Auctions are listed in /nft/auctions and /nft/marketplace. If an auction expires without sale, it is automatically removed from the listings. Sales and auctions can be canceled at any time using /nft/cancel.