Tagging and Searching

NFT.Kred application is used for collecting, browsing and organizing NFTs and provides a broad set of features for tagging, sorting, searching, and grouping NFTs. NFTs are tagged automatically on creation with details such as their name, type, symbol, and channel. Users can also specify their own tags against an NFT, to help others to find mutual interests.



Create a Tag on NFT

Tags are recognized as the popular way to get exposure and can be added to any NFTs. Tagging NFTs will get your content seen by more people on the platform and different types of tags will get you maximum exposure. You can add the NFT tag by following the below guide.

1: Login and access the NFT.Kred website and click on any NFT, it will open the NFT details page.
2: Click on the "Category and Tags" section and start typing on the "More Tags" field. Type any word or combination of words and continue once you are finished adding tags.

Group Tagging

NFTs can also be grouped by audience and topic. These can be pre-defined or user-defined as needed. Audience and topic are defined as special tags and can be filtered alongside any other tags.

Tagging FilterTagging Filter

Tagging Filter

Tagging Search

Finding a single NFT among NFTs collection can be problematic and time-consuming, that's why NFT.Kred provides search quickly by tag. This is a robust approach and allows tagged items to be retrieved on the platform using tag search. The built-in search allows you to find NFTs with any combination of tags.

Use code to Tag and Search NFTs

Check out this guide for tagging and searching NFT using API. This article will guide you and show you how to tag and search your NFT. The API provides a single, easy-to-use method to integrate applications with all the functionality of NFT.Kred.