Kred NFT API | Drive Engagement in your app with Actionable NFTs

Drive Engagement in your app with Actionable NFTs

The Kred NFT API

Kred's helps individuals, influencers, brands and enterprise engage their communities with Non-Fungible Tokens carrying their messaging and call to action.
Integrate Kred NFTs into your application to rapidly design, mint and distribute your own tokenized digital assets with engaging social actions, simple distribution and detailed reporting.

NFT.Kred is part of the Kred Developer Ecosystem, including Kred Scores, Kred Domains and SocialOS.

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Tagging and Searching

NFT.Kred provides a broad set of features for tagging, sorting, searching, and grouping NFTs.

NFTs are tagged automatically on creation with details such as their name, type, symbol, and channel.


Users can specify an arbitrary set of tags against an NFT, to help others to find mutual interests.

Audience and topic

NFTs can also be grouped by audience and topic. These can be pre-defined or user-defined as needed. Audience and topic are defined as special tags, and can be filtered alongside any other tags. A typical tag scheme would be audience:bloggers or topic:science.


Calls returning multiple NFTs, including /nft/nfts, /nft/marketplace, /nft/sales, and /nft/auctions support flexible sorting options to zoom in on the most relevant content.


Users can search quickly by tag, using the tags parameter on calls like /nft/marketplace and /nft/nfts. As a developer you can refine the selection using the any_tags and all_tags filters, which are applied in combination with user-specified tags. This saves having to generate a complex AND / OR search query.

Search collection

Searching in a collection simply adds the user parameter to the same /NFTs call.

While search links are public and shareable, a search within your own collection will of course vary between users.

Search suggestions

Tag analytics methods such as /nft/toptags, /nft/trendingtags and /nft/populartags can be used to provide search suggestions. Top tags are relative to the current user (based on NFTs they have minted or collected), while popular and trending tags are global.

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Tagging and Searching

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